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American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Assisting parents and families in understanding developmental, behavioral, emotional and mental disorders affecting children and adolescents.
American Medical Association A brief, FREE, one-time registration gets you access to all their publications, including the Archives of General Psychiatry, the psychiatry journal most frequently cited in scientific literature.
American Psychiatric Association Part of A comprehensive review of current information and developments concerning bipolar disorder and its treatment.
Black Dog Institute The Black Dog Institute is a not-for-profit, educational, research, clinical and community-oriented facility offering specialist expertise in depression and Bipolar Disorder. A very worthwhile Australian site.
HealthyPlace Bipolar Community 
Maureen J. Meehl Bipolar/BPD Foundation Serves the families and friends of Bipolar's and BPD's, through seminars, on-line support groups, conferences and education. We focus on Mind, Spirit and Emotion, to bring a calmer, mutually supportive, healing environment into your home and your life
Medscape Medscape offers specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals the Web's most robust and integrated medical information and education tools. After a simple, one time, free registration, Medscape automatically delivers to you the specialty site that best fits your profile.
Menninger Foundation Menninger is a national specialty psychiatric and behavioral hospital, offering diagnostic and treatment programs for adolescents and adults.
Mental Health InfoSource Your Source for Mental Health Education.
mpower: Musicians for Mental Health A program of the National Mental Health Association
National Network of Adult and Adolescent Children who have a Mentally Ill Parent/s An Australian resource. We established NNAAMI to provide assistance for one another, via self -help support, discussion and counselling groups. We also inform the community and government of our common needs and life experience. We may have some weekend gatherings in the country.
NIMH: The National Institute of Mental Health 
Local, Regional and non-U.S. Sites
Bipolar Disorders Clinic Stanford University School of Medicine.
Bipolar4all Coming to terms with a diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder can be a frightening and overwhelming time for not only those who suffer with it, but also for their friends and family. This site, together with the Bipolar4all forum, aims to provide factual information on bipolar affective disorder, treatments available, information and support for anyone affected by bipolar disorder.
Dutch Foundation for Manic Depressives - VMDB Vereniging voor Manisch Depressieven en Betrokkenen - VMDB
Jesup Depression and Bipolar Support Group We are a non-profit support group for persons or families who suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, and other related mood disorders. There are no professionals in our group, the members and facilitators of our group draw from our experiences to help each other find ways of coping. There are no dues or fees. Newcomers are always welcome. We are based in Jesup, Georgia, but do not limit members to our city or county.
Madison Institute of Medicine Bipolar Disorders Treatment Information Center. Founded in 1999, the Bipolar Disorders Treatment Information Center provides information on mood stabilizers other than lithium for bipolar disorder. With more than 5,000 references already on file, the Center collects and disseminates information about all medications and other forms of treatment for bipolar disorder including divalproex sodium (valproate), lamotrigine, olanzapine, carbamazepine, gabapentin, oxcarbazepine, and topiramate.
New York City Depression and Mood Disorders Group  The New York City Depression & Mood Disorder Group group is a FREE psychoeducational support group in Manhattan (New York City), that attracts members from all five boroughs, & persons living in New Jersey & Connecticut. The group provides support to persons diagnosed with mood disorders: depression & bipolar disorder, as well as their family members & friends. Support group members include a community of persons dedicated to their wellness & recovery.
Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders The online home of (OBAD) The Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders Society - a provincial organization based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, whose mission is to help people affected directly or indirectly by Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Anxiety live better lives.
South African Bipolar Site We provide details of support available in South Africa, articles written by Aouth African bipolars, links to bipolar sites world wide and links to medical information sites.
Personal Sites
Bipolar Disorder A good selection of the best links. The purpose of this web site is to provide information about bipolar disorder and to offer support, not only to those afflicted, but their family, loved ones and friends. This web site is operated by just these kinds of people. We are not licensed psychiatrists, psychologists or mental health counselors, but a community of people who want to share experiences and hope. All posts and comments in this website are personal opinions and should not be substituted for therapy or other professional mental health counseling. Browse through our Directory to find more details about us, bipolar disorder and resources we offer, such as recommended books, links to find help near you, as well as supportive forums and chat rooms. There's even a place to keep a private journal and a free mood chart in our downloads section. We welcome you to join our community and hope you find it informative and comforting.
Find the Light An online support group focusing on mood disorders, anxiety, and substance abuse. We offer, chat, information and more!
Icarus Project The Icarus Project: We hope this site will be a place where you can find radical ways of thinking about living with manic depression, and connect with other people who are dealing with the blessing and curse that this "disorder" can be. If you poke around you'll find opinions on everything from the nature of Lithium (evil or divine?) to the shortcomings of the term "bipolar." We hope that this site provokes you to think and helps you to heal--and we hope you'll offer your own opinions.
Jane's Mental Health Source Page Humanity and Science Behind Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Mental Health. Jane's Mental Health Source Page is a personal web site that contains original articles about depression and bipolar disorder. The site was established in 1998. Many visitors have found Jane's perspective as a scientist and as a patient most helpful in their own research for credible, fair-balanced mental health information. Many of these articles have been written from Jane's personal experiences with clinical depression.
Knowledge is Necessity Musings on mental health. A well-written and thought-provoking blog by John McManamy, whose other web site, -- McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web, is probably the best single source anywhere for information about current trends in the understanding and treatment of bipolar disorder.
Mood Disorders Health sites A classified listing of hundreds of links related to mood disorders.
Non-Borderline Daughter A thoughtful, insightful and clearly-written book-length analysis of the impact of mental illness on the affected person's children, written by the daughter of a woman diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. The issues faced by loved ones of people with borderline personality and bipolar disorders are very similar. From the site's home page: "Family and significant others, friends, co-workers, health providers and even therapists struggle to understand their individual who suffers an outwardly imperceptible and very slippery volatile sickness of the mind. Each of these “others” is also affected to some substantial degree by the illness that claims the one they care about. It creates distresses that may go unrecognized, misidentified or minimized until circumstances and symptoms become intolerable. This unavoidable contagion surfaces more often later than sooner, especially when we may have functioned quite normally in many aspects—while still under the shadowy secondary influences of someone else's disorder which may escape detection but causes no less pain to us all."
On Being Bipolar Welcome to my fellow travelers of this road of life, and to all those who support them. This site was borne from my desire to share my insight, knowledge and understanding to those who need it most... and to offer a virtual hand.

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